Friday, February 12, 2010

Alexander McQueen captures my Devotion


Alexander McQueen, a British fashion designer, died yesterday at the age of 40.

It's not a huge surprise that I had not heard of McQueen before - I don't follow fashion closely (although I'm addicted to Project Runway). So now that I've Googled my way through some of his most famous looks, I am blown away at his talent, frustrated that I didn't see his work sooner, and very saddened that the designer is gone and the man was so depressed. His designs are very dramatic, always perfectly fitted, gorgeous colors, and predominantly futuristic versions of retro looks. Here are some of my favorites:


So many of his looks are over the top, and so busy it should be distracting. And yet, I find most of the oddest pieces irresistible. Search online for his hats, his shoes, his ready-to-wear collection that looks like haute couture (and impossible to imagine hanging on a rack!). I'll leave you with an example. Call me crazy - I would never wear them - but I find these boots both mesmerizing and terrifying:


Anonymous said...

Those boots give me the creeps. I saw them online yesterday when I noticed the article on McQueen's death. ~K

mysie said...

They look like lobster claws. Alien lobster claws. But with sparklies.