Sunday, November 30, 2008

new jewelry, same old sucky camera

In August I set up a shop at Etsy - - a website for crafters and artists to sell their handmade wares. I finally got my first sale last week! Woo-hoo!! Thanks Pixie! :)

When I first started making jewelry, it was mostly for myself - I liked simple, small pieces that I could wear with just about anything. But as I got more and more involved with beading and addicted to gemstones, my jewelry got bigger and bigger - the best beads are much larger than anything I would usually wear for myself. Then a few weeks ago I was in an artsy jewelry shop downtown, and about 90% of their jewelry was very small scale. Lots of small chain chokers with tiny faceted gemstones. I fell in love!

So I broke out my sterling silver wire and some small freshwater pearls and went to town. I have only made one hand-made chain necklace in the past and it took so much time and energy that I gave up ever trying it again. This new necklace took just as much time and energy, but this time I maintained my patience to be careful and make less mistakes to start with. The result was well worth it, so I started another one with Ametheyst, and that turned out really well too. I'm going to start working on another color tonight.

I really want to take some pictures and put it into the shop, but there hasn't been any sunlight to speak of this weekend. My camera sucks so much ass, the only way I can get good pictures of my jewelry is with bright - yet indirect - sunlight. I realized that the brightest, most well-light room in the house is our bathroom, which has about 20 lights in it. Inspired by's advice, I picked up some vibrantly colored felt for backgrounds. Then I went into my bathroom, turned on all the lights and added some extra, then set to work.

With that stupid crap camera. All the pictures were crap. I'm REALLY hoping that when I get my new camera for Christmas it takes better pictures of my jewelry. *sigh*

Now to wait for that elusive sunny December day when I can take pictures of my new jewelry. Grr.