Thursday, September 17, 2009

Quick Vacation Update

So tonight we are in the little Danish town of Solvang, CA. It's been quite an experience! I had really wanted to hit as many bead stores as possible during the trip, but having a daily schedule for a road trip seems to be asking for trouble. Not much about the trip has gone quite as expected!

I will say that the bead stores I found in Monterey were... amazingly disappointing. There was a lovely little bead shop in Cambria, and another in Morro Bay that I only got to see through the windows because they were closed. Apparently Paula Radke has her own shop not a block away on Main Street! I sooo wish those two shops had been open! The place in Cambria was very small, but had a nice selection, including some interesting Czech glass beads that were quite tempting because they weren't the standard-issue pressed glass, but they didn't have any Picasso style so I passed. Picked up a nice half strand of beautiful aquamarine though! :)

OK, time for some internet searching for more bead shops to try to hit tomorrow!