Monday, August 24, 2009

Welcome to the new blog for Miao Miao by Mysie!

I finally decided to separate my jewelry business posts and put them into a new blog. Now all I have to do is find a reasonable layout.

So, down to business. I spent all day wrapping up my application to the Phinney Neighborhood Association's Winter Festival and Crafts Fair. I've been wanting to do that show for years - it's quite a big event and, unlike so many other local holiday markets, actually does a fair bit of advertising. I've always missed the deadline in the past - who on earth is planning their holiday schedule in August? Apparently, the PNA does. But no complaining, because it's done. Turned in. Deadline met. Hallelujah!

Now to wait. I'm pretty confident in my application, despite the intimidating skills of last year's jewelry sellers. I have my own niche, with a a very reasonable price range. And I have a bit over 3 months to make all sorts of stock. I think I'll be focusing on earrings - need lots of flashy but affordable items if you want to make lots of sales.

So I'm going to log off now. Thought I would post my application pages for posterity. :)